Since our visit to Glenfall House on 15th March, we have joined the rest of the country in lockdown resulting in the remainder of our engagements being postponed until further notice. It is a poignant time for all of us in the wedding industry as so many of our lovely couples have had to postpone their weddings for later this year or into next year. Our hearts go out to them and we want to let them know that they are very much in our thoughts. We completely understand their disappointment in not having their weddings on the scheduled day; they have worked so hard in preparation for and it must be devastating for them to have to postpone their big day. We are so grateful for them to for maintaining bookings with us and we look forward to playing for their weddings on their new dates. We are now all self-isolating with our own families but missing each other; we have such a strong musical bond and playing for weddings is not “just a job” for any of us! We have plans on making an online recording of us playing  separately and with the magic of technology, bringing this all together. Watch this space on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the coming weeks!  Love from us all,  Lynette, Graham, Cecily and Becky