Pete and Charlie

On behalf of my beautiful new bride and myself I would just like to extend our warmest thanks to you all for agreeing to play at our wedding at Britsmorton Church and later at Birtsmorton Court on the 19th June 2010.

During the lead up to our wedding day you were so flexible and professional which was something that continued throughout the wedding day itself and which is something that we really appreciated. We loved that you were adaptable enough to play our wedding hymns as well as the other traditional wedding music and also classical pieces on the terrace and in the White garden.

You looked and acted the part of a well rehearsed and comfortable group and you all seemed genuinely happy to be sharing our day with us and providing a lovely distraction from the mad blustering that goes with a wedding.

Onto the music..... We are so happy we had very few specific pieces we requested as leaving the details in your hands meant we had less to worry about and that it felt like you had made the extra effort as your music choices were spot on! Although we didn't see you much once we left the church, due to the photos and other distractions, we were able to hear you wherever we were. Again, the professionalism and hours of practice were evident through the quality of your performances.

We loved having you with us and our guests still comment on how much they enjoyed hearing you and how much you enhanced the day.